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MEPhI can keep your securities from forgery

24 May '16
Scientists at MEPhI, a leading Moscow-based technology university, have developed special dyes based on ultra-disperse nanopowders to protect securities and other valuable items against forgery, the MEPhI website announced. As a pigment, they used rare earth garnet ferrite powder in ultra-disperse state, which has enabled them to come up with dyestuffs that offer a combination of protective properties, such as magnetism, coloration and infrared permeability.

Crystals used in rare earth garnet ferrite powder are very smallwithin 100 nanometers in size. As a bonding agent, alkyd resins based compounds are used, very similar to ones widespread in all sorts of printed matter.

The ultra-disperse nanocrystalline powder offers increased plasticity due to the minuscule size of its particles; and likewise, the small size of a pigment makes it possible to devise a more complex drawing pattern to further thwart fraudsters.

The MEPhI dyes have been tested at Goznak, the national maker of legal tender and securities.
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