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Russia pushes its STT-MRAM next gen memory program

23 May '16
Crocus NanoElectronics, a portfolio company of Russia’s nanotech giant, Rusnano, and the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT), a leading Russian technology university, continue their joint research program in an effort to develop a next gen STT-MRAM magnetic memory and test production technology for that.

The partners expect to jointly develop new materials, design devices, and come up with new modeling and control methods. If they pull it off, the groundwork will be laid for the production of STT-MRAM-based items on the premises of Crocus NanoElectronics.

The Spin-Transfer Torque Magnetic Random Access Memory (STT-MRAM) technology is built around the idea of transferring spins for re-saving memory cells. Using this effect in making conventional magneto-resistive memory helps reduce electrical current required for storing data in a cell, and enables production to 90-to-22 nanometer design rule and lower.

The international majors manufacturing DRAM dynamic memory all push their own STT-MRAM development programs, as they believe the technology is most likely to replace DRAM in a near future.

Crocus NanoElectronics is Europe’s only company, and one of the world’s few, to provide a commercial hub to manufacture magnetic tunnel structure based memory and sensors to 90/65 nanometer design rule on wafers 300mm in diameter.
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