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In Moscow, new technology for next gen aircraft engines developed

18 Feb '16
MISiS, a leading Moscow-based technology university, has developed a new method of producing cast titanium alloy parts for the national aircraft-building sector. It is expected to help substitute imports, the MISiS website announced.

The new technology is said to enable manufacturers to replace ceramic molds, widely used at present and requiring imported components, for graphite ones to be made on digitally controlled milling machines.

The new solution is not only expected to shift from imports to domestically supplied graphite; it is also expected to improve the precision of component manufacture compared to current techniques.

As Vyacheslav Bazhenov, the chief technology developer in this project, explained, “graphite is an inert enough material in contact with titanium alloys to make sure products cast in graphite molds have no defects typical for titanium cast in traditional ceramic molds.”

Titanium parts to be made using the new technology will be used to manufacture the key components of a new Russian fifth-generation aircraft engine designated “PD-14.” The future engine is expected to ensure a 10% decrease in fuel consumption compared to most of the engines currently available in the market.
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