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Russian clouds have their Tier III data center in Moscow

2 Jul '15
An up-to-date data center called Cloud DC Moscow 1 has opened in the Russian capital to serve as the nucleus of a future cloud infrastructure complex there. The data center has been specifically designed and built to be fully compatible with cloud infrastructure, reported the website of Russias Presidential Council for Economic Modernization and Innovation Development.

Cloud DC Moscow 1 is physically located in Zelenograd, a former suburb and now a scientific and industrial borough of Moscow focused on microelectronics and high technology business. In this area the City of Moscow is developing its own electronics and IT cluster.

The cluster is currently home to a reported 100+ companies employing more than 7,000 highly skilled staff.

The new data center is said to offer users a number of energy-efficient solutions that are expected to not only help companies dramatically reduce their operational costs but also prove their environment friendliness. Compared to conventional cooling systems the system used in this new center is reported to ensure just 25% of annual electricity consumption for a standard data center. LED lamps the entire hub is equipped with are expected to enable users to cut lighting costs by an impressive 12-to-15 times, the source said.

IMT, the Russian company that has built the data center, has been reportedly certified to the Tier III level by Uptime Institute, an international certifying organization. At the moment, a certification procedure to upgrade the completed project to Uptime Institutes next level Facility standard is under way.

The Moscow data center operates as an IaaS cloud service provider, offering clients protected infrastructure based on its Tier III complex.

Were fully focused on cloud services, as we realize that the future of the IT sector is in the clouds, IMT CEO Sergei Kondratyev was quoted as saying.
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