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Russia hopes to create robots with artificial intelligence within 7-to-10 years

2 Jun '15
Russia will have its own robots driven by advanced artificial intelligence within the next seven-to-ten years, the Russian news agency RIA Novosti reported, citing Sergei Garbuk, the deputy CEO of Russias Advanced Research Fund (ARF).

We are setting the stage for the development of a man-made operator capable of solving intelligence-intensive problems and replacing man in unraveling those problems, Mr. Garbuk said.

According to the top manager, an operator like this could control combat engineering or identify terrorists in a crowd of people; it could also function as a flight control staff at airports, and do other things.

Robots Russia already has have no artificial intelligence yet; but scientists are very close to having it, the ARF deputy CEO said. It is going to be a certain IT system but built around brand new architectural principles.

Were launching an ongoing tender, during which we will explain intelligence-related tasks and determine levels of qualification; whoever reaches the levels will be pronounced a winner in a certain aspect of artificial intelligence development. We have plans to fund the top-notch projects, which have been under way for a long time, and we just want to bring all of those into a system, Mr. Garbuk explained.

According to the manager, research in this area began in the Soviet Union as far back as the 1960s and has never been stopped since then.

He underscored that a wide range of government agencies and also economic players are interested in the success of this endeavor:

ARF never launches a project unless an interest from an end customer is clear. We start by discussing projects with defense-related industries, law enforcement agencies, and also with players in the real economy.

The Advanced Research Fund was set up in 2012 as the Russian analog of the United States DARPA. The Fund is expected to take to a new level cutting-edge research projects being developed to upgrade the Russian Armed Forces. A reported 49 projects are now in ARFs approved pipeline; 26 of these are said to be already under way at the Funds laboratories.
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