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Moscow researchers develop next gen materials for electronics

16 Feb '15
Scientists at MISiS, one of Moscow’s leading technology universities, are working on a new generation of materials that may enable a range of innovation, including the creation of an “almost eternal” source of light, a device with an increased capacity for reading and storing data, and a brand new data transfer device that could boost the density and volume of information by 25 times, Nanonewsnet.ru reported.

The new materials are expected to considerably reduce the consumption of minerals and the cost of electrical energy. They are said to be resistant to radiation, extreme temperatures and chemicals.

Such materials include one that consists of nanodimensional layers of nitrides which emit the blue light. The main advantage of nitride-based sources of light is not only their almost limitless service life but also the possibility to control the intensity of the color tints of light and the brightness of a lamp—a factor that impacts a user’s physical and psychological condition substantially.
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