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Virtual diet planner seeks partners across markets

2 Feb '15
Healthy Meal Center, a resident of the Skolkovo innovation hub outside Moscow, has begun to commercialize its Virtual Dietologist. The R&D stage is over, and the company has set about looking for partners from among foodstuffs retailers, catering entities, fitness centers, and medical institutions, reported the Skolkovo Foundation website, citing Sofia Aristova, the executive director of Healthy Meal Center.

Virtual Dietologist is a tool to plan your diets and put together balanced meals. The service is said to be able to take into consideration a users personal needs, medical history and preferences in meals. This appears to be an integrated approach, from planning diets to generating lists of foods to be purchased, to actual purchases delivered right to ones home.

The service also has an extended catalog of ready-to-use diets, including balanced, low-calorie, vegetarian, medicinal and other diets.

The Virtual Dietologist project idea began in 2012.
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