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Russia and Belarus to develop new oil exploration technologies

10 Sep '14
Russia and Belarus will pool their efforts in the development of new software to analyze geological and physical data in oil exploration, based on nanotechnology and supercomputing, the official Russian Government website announced.

The Russian Cabinet has approved a new draft program aimed at developing cutting-edge technologies to be used in hydrocarbon exploration and application across the Union State of Russia and Belarus, the supranational entity established in 1996 with the intention of providing greater political, economic, and social integration between the two neighboring countries. In addition to developing the new software for data analysis, the partners are expected to create an operational prototype of new computing systems for the Unions entire energy sector.

The scientific and engineering part of the program has been prepared jointly by the Russian Ministry of Education and Science and the Belarusian Academy of Sciences. Its concept was originally endorsed as early as 2012. According to the most recent plan, the program will be effective between now and 2017.
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Locations: Russia; Belarus

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