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Russia ready to launch its most powerful chip to date

24 Apr '14
MCST, a Russian electronics maker, has announced the completion of a series of tests for its new Elbrus-4C chip. The developer is gearing up for the serial production of the chip.

Elbrus-4C is a four-kernel microprocessor developed to fit 65-nanometer design rule and supporting three DDR3-1600 memory channels. Each kernel operates at a clock frequency of 800MHz. The chip, which is considered to be a next gen product, also has cache memory increased.

The chip is powered by MCSTs proprietary Elbrus operating system developed on Linux 2.6.33 kernel architecture. The Elbrus-4C is believed to be Russias most powerful processor comparable in its key characteristics with the Intel i3 and Intel i5 chips (in the latter, 22-nanometer design rule is used, though).

According to the developer, the Elbrus-4C microchip is designed for use on server equipment and also in any system for which special requirements for self-contained operation and secrecy rule out the use of foreign technologies.
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