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Moscow students present carbon plastic-based racing car and bike

24 Jul '13
MAMI Moscow State Technical University announced last week that its students have developed, built and tested a next gen racing car made from carbon fibers and prepregs (composite plastic semis).

The Iguana 6 is reported to weigh 220 kilos, down 30 kilos from a conventional racer. With its 85 horse-power engine the car has a hybrid carbon-plastic aerodynamic body.

The students are said to have taken more than six months to build the car from a 3D model to the final assembling.

Moscow-based Prepreg-SKM, a Russian composite materials maker and the general sponsor of the Formula Student MAMI racing team, has provided composite materials to build the car.

In addition, the students have built their own electrical bike, using carbon materials to make the central part of its body and the rear stabilizer. The engine is also made of carbon plastic and reportedly weighs about 350 gramsa major cut above metal ones that typically weigh a few kilos.

The lightweight invention already helped the MAMI racing team win the first prize earlier this month at the Smart Moto Challenge international competition in Barcelona, Spain.
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