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Wobot’s “emotionally sensitive” social network monitoring system unveiled

31 Aug '12
Russian company Wobot, now a resident of the Skolkovo innovation hub outside Moscow, has developed its own system enabling search of data across social networks, news agency TASS Telecom reports.

The new platform is said to be able to operate with the Russian, English and a number of other languages and also ‘feel’ the emotional tinge of messages in social networks and count metrics.

The platform requires little of a computer’s resources, the developer says, and can therefore be used from a mobile gadget without any special app. This will broaden its market, Wobot feels.

The developer says the new system is unique in its proprietary technology of looking for brand, product or person references, which is believed to be able to search for references on pages unindexed by other search engines.

In 2011, the global market for monitoring and studying in social networks reportedly topped $1.5bn. In Russia, the segment is in its infancy and is currently worth an estimated $34m.

Next summer Wobot has plans to start its North American and European expansion, competing with systems like Radian6. Longer-term plans include entering the Asian markets as well.
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