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Skolkovo to train specialists in housing utilities sector

22 Sep '11
The Skolkovo Fund and the RF Ministry of the Regional Development have signed an agreement on building a center to train specialists in the housing utilities sector on the Skolkovo territory, innovation and venture news source UNOVA reports.

The Skolkovos urban development project implies realization of the most modern technologies that make living in the city more comfortable, urban utilizes less costly and more eco-friendly. Heating buildings with geothermal heat and biogas, received from utilized waste, collecting and rational use of rain water, eliminating transport working on internal-combustion engines all that is widespread in Europe and would be very useful for Russian.

The goal is ambitious up to 50% of energy consumed by the city is to be generated from renewable sources. Skolkovo has a chance of becoming the first town in Europe, certified under the LEED ecological standard.

The solutions that will prove their efficiency will be introduced outside the innovation center and contribute to modernization of the utilities sector in Russia, ensure competitiveness and stable development of Russian cities. According to the Skolkovo sources, the technologies, tested in the innovation town, will help to lower citizens expenses on utilities bills, to make the towns cleaner, more comfortable, and, consequently, more attractive for educated able citizens, who have the choice of where to live and in which countrys development to contribute their efforts and assets.

The Skolkovo innovations center is to become the largest testing landfill of the new economic policy in Russia. The specially allocated territory outside the Moscow city is to provide special conditions for R&D in the sectors of energy and energy efficient technologies, nuclear, space, biomedical and computer technologies.
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