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Skolkovo’s Quantum Technologies Center to support startups

19 Jul '11
The International Center of Quantum Optics and Quantum Technologies, which is being formed under the Skolkovo project, is to become a foundation for setting up startups in this sector, news agency RIA Novosti reports citing the center director Aleksey Akimov.

The Center is one of 16 companies that became the first Skolkovo residents in December 2010.

Under plans, the Center is to be engaged in development of safe data communications networks, new materials with set characteristics, submicron optical transistors, high-frequency optoelectronics systems.

“The center is to carry out rather long-term research. Within this work the center might develop technologies that could be commercialized, desirably through startups,” Mr. Akimov told RIA Novosti.

He explained that themes of specific projects are to be determined by leadership groups consisting of the center’s science team.

“There will be four or five leadership groups at the initial stage,” Mr. Akimov said. According to him, the group leaders are to be selected by the center’s international consulting advise board from the science projects initiators. Mr. Akimov added that in the future the leaders would be selected in an open tender.

Mr. Akimov reported that total number of the center employees was to come in at 50 people, and half of them would be students.

“We place our stakes on Russian scientists, but we have to be open and be able to attract foreign scientists. The number of employees in the center is to grow depending on funds and space availability,” Mr. Akimov added.

The director also shared that currently his team was deciding which university is the center was to be based on. Most likely, the center would be based in the Lomonosov Moscow State University, he said.

“When the Skolkovo Technological University is set up, we would like to become on the scientific research centers of this university,” Mr. Akimov told about their plans.
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