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Marchmont founder and CEO Kendrick D. White on the launch of our new corporate website

24 Jun '11
Dear Marchmont reader,

Today I am happy to announce the launch of a new, third generation Marchmont News website effective June 28, 2011.

Our focus on regional, business sector news will now shift from reporting on regional business and investment to nationwide news, insight and analysis of Russian innovation and technology.

Since 2007 our ground-breaking bi-lingual business news website has been a showcase for Russia and its emerging regional economies. Every day, more than 8,000 people rely on Marchmont to understand the most important business developments from Vladivostok to Petrozavodsk.

Our new website will be even more compelling, providing you and your colleagues with unique and often exclusive information about Russian innovation development and their drivers; R&D programs; pre-seed and angel investment trends, and this country’s budding ecosystem of social networks and support programs for a new culture of innovative entrepreneurship.

In addition to reporting on Russian technology investment trends, we will focus specifically on Russia’s emerging technology sectors, such as nano and bio technologies, space, medical, chemical and materials sciences, as well as alternative energies and clean tech. We will also explore developments in Russia’s IT technology sector, which is already a significant global player.

As Russia continues to develop innovation system infrastructure and commercialize its extensive science and research potential, we are confident that this country will emerge as a global leader.

Our goal is to be the web’s most reliable source for information about innovative Russian technology. As a Marchmont News reader, your opinions are vital. I invite you to write to me personally to share your views about our new site and content.

Very sincerely
Kendrick D. White
Founder, General Director
MARCHMONT Capital Partners
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