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29 Jan | Features & updates| Technology & innovation
Russian nanocapsules may help ward off sepsis
3 Apr | Features & updates| Technology & innovation
Smart solar panels and 24 hours to build house: Far East achievements
26 Jul | Features & updates| Technology & innovation
Siberians make cellular scaffolding to help organs grow, and grow fast
2 Sep | Volga| Technology & innovation
Siberians and Americans work together to ban ischemic stroke
10 Dec | Volga| Technology & innovation
“Navigator” to guide doctor’s scalpel in high-precision surgery
20 Oct | Volga| Technology & innovation
“World’s first”: red blood cells tell Siberians about one’s medical condition
14 Sep | Volga| Technology & innovation
Researchers in Central Russia develop proton system to fight cancer
20 Aug | Features & updates| Technology & innovation
Russian scientists look set to perform miracle with human heart
6 May | Volga| Technology & innovation
St. Pete researchers invent external portable man-made heart
7 Apr | Volga| Technology & innovation
Tomsk scientists work on new drugs to regenerate tissue
18 Feb | Volga| Technology & innovation| Real estate
Russia’s regions create modern Nuclear Medicine Centers
30 Jan | Volga| Technology & innovation
Russian innovation helps perform prostate cancer surgeries
21 Nov | Features & updates| Technology & innovation| Farming, agriculture
In Vitro Biotech Center in Nizhny Novgorod: orchids may bring health, not only beauty
21 Nov | Volga| Technology & innovation
Russian developer ready to print thyroid gland, kidney and then some
6 Nov | Features & updates| Technology & innovation
“Staph killer” and nano-cigarettes from Volga’s Saratov
11 Sep | Volga| Technology & innovation
Bio-artificial liver to treat hepatic failure created and tested in Moscow
20 Aug | Volga| Industry, manufacturing| Technology & innovation
Innovation drug manufacturing site launched in Moscow
8 Aug | Volga| Finance, business| Technology & innovation
Do-Ra dosimeter-radiometer patented in Japan, eyes Eurasian expansion
16 Jul | Volga| Technology & innovation
With new Siberian solution, cancer surgeries to keep healthy tissues intact
13 Feb | Volga| Technology & innovation
Siberian researchers develop bioreactor to grow… living heart
13 Feb | Volga| Technology & innovation
Russian Cabinet sets national applied research priorities
15 Nov | Volga| Technology & innovation
New lung cancer diagnostics developed in Kazan
23 Oct | Volga| Technology & innovation
Urals’ Yekaterinburg to develop laser and additive manufacturing tech center
30 Sep | Volga| Technology & innovation
Tomsk software recognizes emotions by analyzing voice
10 Sep | Volga| Technology & innovation
Russia’s first private 3D bioprinting lab launched in Moscow
22 Aug | Volga| Technology & innovation
Russian high-tech market analyst outlines five innovation areas to keep tabs on
2 Jul | Volga| Technology & innovation
Novosibirsk researchers develop reactor to create human organs in space
26 Jun | Volga| Technology & innovation| Real estate
Nuclear medicine center opened in Kazan
16 Apr | Features & updates| Technology & innovation
Siberians offer medicine to fight liver and reproductive diseases and stay lively at old age
2 Apr | Volga| Technology & innovation
Russian innovation rivals foreign analogs in prostate cancer treatment
11 Feb | Volga| Technology & innovation| Real estate
New cell technology center launched in Novosibirsk
30 Jan | Volga| Technology & innovation
In Novosibirsk, brain stimulant to unleash stem cells’ curative power
12 Dec | Volga| Technology & innovation
Yakutia creates sturgeon-based glue to retire surgical sutures
7 Nov | Volga| Technology & innovation
Novosibirsk to make world-class nanoceramics-based implants
8 Feb | Features & updates| Technology & innovation
Far East researchers offer Russian surgeons advanced 3D simulation
19 Dec | Volga| Technology & innovation
Russian scientists invent new cancer treatment method
25 Nov | Features & updates| Technology & innovation
Now in production, Hyamatrix bio skin set to improve lives and defy ageing
11 Nov | Features & updates| Technology & innovation| Telecoms, media
Moscow start-up turns smart phones into multi-purpose radiation detectors
30 Jun | Volga| Technology & innovation
Tomsk scientists’ “tissue bioconstructor” approved by Skolkovo
24 Jun | Volga| Technology & innovation
Marchmont’s focus on innovation: Siberian State’s new PET technology
24 Jun | Features & updates| Technology & innovation
Marchmont’s focus on innovation: Siberian State’s new PET technology
13 Dec | Volga
Cities Tomsk and Seversk to merge with Tomsk region

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