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7 May | Volga| Technology & innovation
Nanotech to normalize blood pressure?
17 Apr | Volga| Technology & innovation
Nanoparticles to fight brain cancer
29 Mar | Volga| Technology & innovation
Russians develop new methods to fight cancer
29 Jan | Features & updates| Technology & innovation
Russian nanocapsules may help ward off sepsis
30 Jul | Volga| Technology & innovation
Full-sized color holograms on any material
19 Mar | Volga| Technology & innovation| Energy, utilities
Promising electricity production technique developed
7 Sep | Features & updates| Technology & innovation| Industry, manufacturing
With new Siberian semiconductor tech, materials may have their properties varied at will
28 Feb | Volga| Technology & innovation
New ischemia medicine underway in St. Petersburg
28 Dec | Volga| Technology & innovation
New solution for super-fast data processing under way
8 Dec | Volga| Technology & innovation
Mid-Volga scientists bet on well-aimed strikes on cancers
8 Nov | Volga| Energy, utilities| Technology & innovation
Tomsk nanomaterials for new energy sources
30 Sep | Volga| Energy, utilities| Technology & innovation
New air purification approach comes from MSU
16 Sep | Volga| Technology & innovation
Moscow scientists work to upgrade monitor production technology
16 May | Volga| Technology & innovation
New cancer solution under way in Moscow
15 Apr | Volga| Technology & innovation
Siberian silver to fight viruses, bacteria and fungi
3 Nov | Volga| Technology & innovation
With new discovery, one could download thousands of HD movies within one second
25 Jun | Volga| Technology & innovation
Moscow researchers use magnetite nanoparticles to develop cancer drugs
11 Mar | Volga| Technology & innovation
Kaliningrad researchers develop new devices for medicine
26 Feb | Volga| Technology & innovation
New atherosclerosis therapy comes from Siberia
16 Feb | Volga| Transport, logistics| Technology & innovation
Siberian nanomodifiers may help improve Russian roads
19 Jan | Volga| Industry, manufacturing| Technology & innovation
Samara university projects give impetus to import substitution
26 Dec | Volga| Technology & innovation| Industry, manufacturing
Siberian scientists add 30% to aluminum’s strength
13 Nov | Features & updates| Energy, utilities| Technology & innovation
Improved material for fuel cells from Siberian and Belarusian scientists
2 Oct | Volga| Technology & innovation| Finance, business
In Moscow, nanoparticles give your money new protection
26 Aug | Volga| Technology & innovation
In Russia, researchers ‘tame’ nanoparticles, making them ‘smart’
22 Aug | Volga| Energy, utilities| Technology & innovation
Anti-magnet seals vs. electricity thieves in Volgograd
16 Jul | Volga| Technology & innovation
New ‘nano-clothes’ for inpatients to create ‘no-flight zones’ for germs
17 Apr | Features & updates| Technology & innovation| Finance, business
Marchmont’s focus on innovation: hemostatic agent that heals wounds and burns
11 Apr | Volga| Transport, logistics| Technology & innovation
In Irkutsk, you will drive your car on nanoroads
17 Mar | Volga| Technology & innovation
Next gen nanofilter for gas masks and respirators made in Tambov
12 Mar | Volga| Technology & innovation
New compound for medical examinations developed in Siberia
7 Mar | Volga| Technology & innovation
New solution to heal heart and blood vessels developed in Siberia
3 Feb | Volga| Technology & innovation
Moscow nanopowder for antibacterial textile and spasers
24 Oct | Volga| Technology & innovation
MIT and Harvard professors awarded Rusnanoprize for medical nanoparticles
14 Oct | Volga| Finance, business
Russia’s emergencies regulator seeks nanosilver particle-based socks for firefighters
11 Oct | Volga| Technology & innovation
Siberian scientists develop nanodrugs to fight cancer; regulators give green light
23 Aug | Volga| Technology & innovation| Retail, FMCG
Siberian nanosilver for swimming pools, railroads and rejuvenation
26 Jul | Volga| Technology & innovation
Novosibirsk researchers develop mathematical breathing model to boost spray drug efficacy
6 Jun | Volga| Technology & innovation| Real estate
Siberian scientists offer polymer techniques to enhance bituminous coats
8 May | Volga| Technology & innovation
In Siberia, nanodiamond developed for brain drug delivery
23 Apr | Volga| Finance, business| Technology & innovation
Rusnano’s $26m St. Pete cancer and sclerosis drug effort announced
20 Mar | Volga| Technology & innovation
Russo-German JV to turn nanoparticles into foodstuffs, cosmetics and drugs
15 Mar | Volga| Technology & innovation| Finance, business
Siberia’s nanostructured implant project wins Marie Curie Fellowship grant
5 Mar | Volga| Technology & innovation
In Tomsk, scientists ‘train’ flora to recycle metal waste
19 Feb | Volga| Technology & innovation| Industry, manufacturing
Russian and Swedish biotech firms shake hands on nanoporous materials based drug development
22 Jan | Volga| Technology & innovation
Tomsk researchers improve materials for LED lamps and electronics
29 Nov | Volga| Technology & innovation| Retail, FMCG
Voronezh’s innovative water nanofilters announced; West “interested”
14 Nov | Volga| Technology & innovation| Retail, FMCG
In Siberia, birch and fir nanocosmetics unfolding
10 Sep | Volga| Technology & innovation| Materials, extraction
In Irkutsk, metals, alloys and polymers get stronger
3 Sep | Volga| Technology & innovation
New liquid thermomagnetism phenomenon discovered
24 Jul | Volga| Technology & innovation
International multisize coating project gets G8 Grant
13 Jul | Volga| Technology & innovation
Karelian scientists create universal ecological filter
6 Jul | Volga| Technology & innovation
RUSNANO and Epidbiomed to build $155m nanopharm plant
6 Jun | Volga| Technology & innovation
Nanocartridge to clean blood selectively
12 Dec | Volga| Technology & innovation
Novosibirsk’s new electrically conductive inks unveiled

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