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1 Mar | Volga| Technology & innovation
Yakutia team aims to keep degenerative brain disease at bay
16 May | Volga| Energy, utilities
Yakutia energy supplier upgrades power transmission towers
25 Feb | Volga| Real estate| Technology & innovation
Yakutia designs ‘black cube’ for Far East high-tech surge
9 Jan | Volga| Technology & innovation| Finance, business
Far Eastern scientists and Skoltech launch collaboration
20 Sep | Volga| Materials, extraction| Technology & innovation
Hydrocarbon and coal extraction innovations presented in Russia’s Yakutsk
26 Apr | Volga| Finance, business
Rusnano denies “multibillion ruble loss” media reports
26 Jul | Volga| Technology & innovation| Industry, manufacturing
Basalt fiber material plant opens outside Yakutsk
28 Oct | Volga| Technology & innovation
RUSNANOTECH presents best nano-projects from youth
25 Oct | Volga| Telecoms, media| Technology & innovation
Rostelecom presents electronic government in Yakutia
13 May | Volga| Technology & innovation
Irkutskgiprodornii buys YakutTISIZ for $1.8m
7 Apr | Volga| Energy, utilities
DRSK to invest $9.6m in Yakutia in 2011
6 Apr | Volga| Transport, logistics
Chuvashia’s Doriss gets $32m road contract in Yakutsk
11 Jan | Volga| Real estate
Yakutia to spend $16.5m on residential housing construction in 2011
13 Dec | Volga| Tourism, recreation
Yakutia’s $485m sports facilities overhaul plan
7 Sep | Volga| Energy, utilities
Yakutskenergo to place first-series $97m bonds
13 Aug | Volga| Energy, utilities
Yakutskenergo to place $33m three-year bonds at MICEX
3 Nov | Volga| Transport, logistics
Yakutsk’s $13.7m airport upgrade unveiled
9 Oct | Volga| Transport, logistics
GAZ Group supplied $2.7m buses to Yakutsk
11 Sep | Volga| Finance, business
Yakutskenergo pays $2.2m on fifth bond coupon
27 Aug | Volga| Transport, logistics
King-95 to build terminal at Yakutsk airport for $13m
17 Aug | Volga| Energy, utilities
Yakutskenergo to invest $3.3m in Yakutsk GRES
17 Jul | Features & updates| Transport, logistics
BAM: the forgotten glory of the 20th century, ready for its revival
10 Jul | Volga| Energy, utilities
Yakutia’s first gas-driven power stations unveiled
7 Jul | Volga| Transport, logistics| Finance, business
Contractors sought for Yakutia’s $13.4m air terminal
29 Jun | Volga| Transport, logistics| Real estate
$1.7bn for upgrades by Berkakit – Yakutsk railroad
19 Jun | Volga| Energy, utilities| Finance, business
Far East Grids’ $7.6m shares issued
18 Jun | Volga| Finance, business| Energy, utilities
Sberbank and Rosbank loan Yakutskenergo $78.4m
17 Jun | Volga| Energy, utilities
Mitsui to join $470m Yakutskaya power?
25 Mar | Volga| Energy, utilities
Yakutskenergo redeems bonds and pays coupons
20 Mar | Volga| Tourism, recreation
Plans for Yakutsk 'oval sports palace' unveiled
12 Mar | Volga| Energy, utilities
Yakutskenergo pays $1.4m on fourth bond coupon
30 Jan | Volga| Transport, logistics
Lenskoye Shipping seeks $24m VTB loan to ensure navigation
20 Jan | Volga| Materials, extraction
Nizhne-Lenskoye pays $2.1m coupon on its $20m bonds
11 Jan | Volga| Finance, business
Slump to $4.7bn in Yakutia 2009 investment forecasted

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