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23 Jul | Volga| Technology & innovation
Novel coating requires no donor material to regenerate bones
14 Jul | Volga| Technology & innovation
International contact center buys into Russian chatbot developer
25 Mar | Volga| Technology & innovation
Expedition “Innovative Russia 2021” (April 2-June 15, 2021)
27 Nov | Volga| Technology & innovation
New method of obtaining vegetal meat analogs developed
3 Sep | Volga| Technology & innovation
Durable anti-icing paint showcased and found suitable for historical buildings facelift
23 Jul | Volga| Technology & innovation
Russian blood purification technology deemed effective for Covid-19 therapy
14 May | Volga| Technology & innovation
Russia backs new energy-efficient composite development
10 Apr | Volga| Technology & innovation
BON RATION Project Manager: “Our team is inspired and motivated by our customers”
25 Feb | Volga| Technology & innovation
Festival “Rukami”
11 Feb | Volga| Technology & innovation
Competitions 'Robotraffic' (Tomsk, February 20-21, 2020)
27 Jan | Volga| Technology & innovation
Researchers work on drug to counter dementia
20 Jul | Volga| Retail, FMCG| Finance, business
Russian govt and French retailer nurture retail start-ups
14 Jul | Volga| Materials, extraction| Technology & innovation
New material with wide applications developed in Russia
28 Mar | Features & updates| Technology & innovation| Finance, business
Russian developer lends IT hand to forensic analysts, stadiums and shopping malls
3 Sep | Features & updates| Transport, logistics| Technology & innovation
Speeding on roads? Beware—Avtodoria comes to watch and report
30 Jul | Volga| Technology & innovation
New biometric solution for safety at stadiums and other facilities
11 Mar | Volga| Technology & innovation
Kaliningrad researchers develop new devices for medicine
22 Sep | Volga| Finance, business
China “interested” in Leningrad region’s y-tracers and car-making opportunities
30 Jun | Volga| Industry, manufacturing| Technology & innovation
GS Group seeks marketable nanotubes and nanofiber solutions
23 Jun | Volga| Industry, manufacturing| Technology & innovation
GS Group to make new chips for domestic market in Northwest Russia
8 Apr | Volga| Finance, business| Industry, manufacturing
Russian TV gear maker acquires Portuguese IT assets, eyes new markets
5 Dec | Volga| Technology & innovation
Kaliningrad scientists develop material for nanosized X-ray optics
29 Oct | Volga| Finance, business| Real estate
Russia disburses another $60m for another four regional high-tech parks
6 Aug | Volga| Real estate| Industry, manufacturing
New site to turn lactic acid into biocomposites in Northwest Russia
17 Jul | Volga| Finance, business| Technology & innovation
Kaliningrad’s GS Group unveils new venture arm for high-tech investment
9 Jul | Volga| Finance, business| Technology & innovation
Kaliningrad enclave crafts innovation development cluster
6 May | Volga| Industry, manufacturing| Technology & innovation
Sizable electronics cluster announced in Northwest Russia
16 Apr | Volga| Technology & innovation
International X-radiation nano-control program announced
21 Jan | Volga| Real estate| Technology & innovation
New nano-approach to housing construction: “Lego for adults”
19 Dec | Volga| Technology & innovation
Yandex’s personalized search feature analyzes online search behavior and language preferences
12 Dec | Volga| Industry, manufacturing| Technology & innovation
Kaliningrad nano-sized chips to digitize Russian television
10 Dec | Volga| Industry, manufacturing| Finance, business
Rusnano and Kaliningrad shake hands on nano-cooperation
30 Oct | Volga| Industry, manufacturing| Real estate
Advenira to set up nano-shop in Russia
18 Oct | Volga| Technology & innovation| Transport, logistics
New York public buses, testing ground for Nizhny Novgorod online service
9 Oct | Volga| Telecoms, media
Tele2 launches GSM-1800 in Russia’s Far East
27 Sep | Volga| Technology & innovation| Industry, manufacturing
45nm chips outside Kaliningrad; rollout slated for late fall
20 Sep | Volga| Technology & innovation| Finance, business
Kaliningrad expects global microelectronics movers and shakers for Si-forum
4 Sep | Volga| Industry, manufacturing| Real estate
$1.5bn car-making Smart City planned outside Kaliningrad
17 Jul | Volga| Technology & innovation
Prancor to open carbon nanostructured material center
4 Jun | Features & updates| Materials, extraction| Technology & innovation
Inventive farewell to Soviet military junk: make nanodiamonds, not war!
31 May | Volga| Technology & innovation
RUSNANO and Crocus to produce MRAM-memory at Moskvich plant
29 Feb | Volga| Technology & innovation
Baltic Federal University eyes genome research lab
19 Dec | Volga| Technology & innovation
Information Center for Nuclear Energy opens in Smolensk
9 Dec | Features & updates| Technology & innovation| Retail, FMCG
Marchmont’s focus on innovation: Ural suits to save lives and defy CP
15 Sep | Volga| Technology & innovation| Industry, manufacturing
RUSNANO supports Kaliningrad’s InvestSpetsStroy project
9 Aug | Volga| Technology & innovation| Energy, utilities
Tomsk nuclear energy organizations are to cooperate
27 Jun | Volga| Technology & innovation
Kaliningrad region eyes $185m MRAM memory plant
27 Jun | Volga| Technology & innovation
Kaliningrad region eyes $185m MRAM memory plant
15 Jun | Volga| Transport, logistics
Summa Capital to build $300m port complex in Primorsky region
19 May | Volga| Technology & innovation
Youth International Economic Forum picks participants
27 Apr | Volga| Transport, logistics
A.P. Moller-Maersk to build $3.5bn port in Baltiysk, Kaliningrad region
20 Apr | Volga| Telecoms, media
Rostelecom to build $110m line between Russia and Kaliningrad
29 Mar | Volga| Energy, utilities
NEFCO to invest $28.5m in Kaliningrad region water supply
18 Mar | Volga| Energy, utilities
Kaliningrad region to get $384m RF aid on housing utilities
18 Mar | Volga| Industry, manufacturing| Finance, business
Sberbank loans $300m to Sodruzhestvo on projects in Kaliningrad region
16 Mar | Volga| Tourism, recreation
Russky Island in Primorsky region eyes SEZ
5 Mar | Volga| Energy, utilities| Industry, manufacturing
Rosatom to launch $112m production at its plant in Petrozavodskmash
28 Feb | Volga| Transport, logistics
UCL Holding buys 25.5% shares in Western Shipping for $3m
2 Feb | Features & updates| Industry, manufacturing
Polikompleks puts up $280m to become Russia’s North-West seafood kingpin
31 Jan | Volga| Industry, manufacturing
$32.7m RSD-49 bulk carriers announced
27 Jan | Volga| Farming, agriculture| Finance, business
Rosselkhozbank’s $280m Kaliningrad agro-loans eyed
24 Dec | Volga| Retail, FMCG
$26m Metro Cash & Carry opens in Kaliningrad
22 Dec | Volga| Industry, manufacturing| Energy, utilities
Petrozavodskmash to supply $31m equipment for Baltic nuclear station
19 Oct | Volga| Energy, utilities
Kaliningrad TPS-2 to launch $50m heat main
23 Sep | Volga| Farming, agriculture| Industry, manufacturing
Cherkizovo buys control in National Product for $4m
20 Sep | Volga| Energy, utilities
Gazprom to invest $7m in gasification in Kaliningrad region
15 Sep | Features & updates
Hess and Russian partners start $216m housing components plant in Tula
29 Jul | Volga| Transport, logistics
Russian Railways invested $13.3m in tunnel reconstruction in Kaliningrad
28 Jul | Features & updates
Primorsky bets $1.2bn on a roll of the dice
21 Jun | Volga| Finance, business
VTB North-West loans $6.5m to Kaliningrad
16 Jun | Volga| Finance, business
VTB North-West loans Kaliningrad $6.7m
15 Jun | Volga| Transport, logistics
Kaliningrad region wants $20m regional airline
3 Jun | Volga| Finance, business
Kaliningrad region’s Q1 foreign trade up to $1.47bn
19 May | Volga| Finance, business
Transneft minority shareholder pushed for corporate charity inspection
4 May | Volga| Energy, utilities
$667m Kaliningradskaya power’s full launch set for December
29 Apr | Features & updates
Denmark’s Rurik puts $260m into pork
19 Apr | Volga| Finance, business
Nikolai Vlasenko sees Viktoria on Top-3 list of Russian retailers
9 Apr | Volga| Real estate| Tourism, recreation
RF rejects Kaliningrad’s $400m yacht marina
9 Apr | Volga| Retail, FMCG
Viktoria’s $100-300m regional retail M&As posted
5 Apr | Volga| Industry, manufacturing
Kaliningrad SEZ’s $1.3bn projects pledged
1 Apr | Volga| Retail, FMCG
McDonald’s opens $11m Kaliningrad outlets
30 Mar | Volga| Finance, business
VTB North-West loans FOR fishers $43m
26 Mar | Volga| Transport, logistics| Real estate
VIP Group and Hochtief to put up $270m Kaliningrad air terminal?
12 Mar | Volga| Finance, business| Real estate
Kaliningrad eyes $120.2m convention center
11 Mar | Features & updates| Finance, business
Russia bets $340m on ‘cash-for-clunkers’ to revive auto sector
24 Feb | Volga| Energy, utilities
Putin decrees $6.7bn Baltiyskaya nuclear station
11 Feb | Features & updates
The Chinese bet $165m on Azov-City gambling zone
26 Jan | Volga| Real estate| Tourism, recreation
Turkish firms to invest $139m in five hotels in Russia
25 Jan | Volga| Telecoms, media
Tele2 mobile enters Kaliningrad enclave
22 Jan | Volga| Energy, utilities
$6.5bn Baltiyskaya nuclear’s Feb. construction start aired
14 Jan | Volga| Energy, utilities
$667m Kaliningradskaya power’s full launch set for December
25 Dec | Volga| Transport, logistics
Siemens’ $414m Russian Rail high-speed supply completed
8 Dec | Volga| Finance, business
Baltkredobank auction starts at $4.8m
23 Oct | Volga| Energy, utilities
Baltiyskaya nuclear’s $120m 2010 price tag posted
22 Oct | Volga| Industry, manufacturing
GM’s $75m Kaliningrad Opel aired
21 Oct | Volga| Finance, business
Transneft 'strongly advised' on charity information disclosure
8 Oct | Volga| Retail, FMCG
Retailer Vester’s $13m+ debt paid off
8 Oct | Volga| Transport, logistics
Poland’s LOT to replace KD Avia for European flights?
18 Sep | Volga| Energy, utilities
Kaliningrad owes energy supplier $24m+
10 Sep | Volga| Transport, logistics
KD Avia’s $129m bail-out to fly to new firm?
7 Sep | Volga| Transport, logistics
KD Avia’s bankruptcy to be decided Sept. 25
3 Sep | Volga| Transport, logistics
KD Avia’s $8m wage arrears unveiled
2 Sep | Volga| Transport, logistics
KD Avia miring again
12 Aug | Volga| Transport, logistics
KD Avia to get $7.5m loan to pay salary debt
7 Aug | Volga| Finance, business| Industry, manufacturing
ROSNO’s $430.3m Sodruzhestvo Soya insurance posted
6 Aug | Volga| Industry, manufacturing
Yantar to build Indian warships, seeks VEB’s $60m
6 Aug | Volga| Industry, manufacturing
Yantar Shipyard upgrade cost set at $580m
4 Aug | Volga| Industry, manufacturing
HiPP’s $13m Kaliningrad baby’s food expected
23 Jul | Volga| Finance, business| Transport, logistics
Rosgosstrakh’s $31.4m Kaliningrad airport insurance posted
15 Jul | Volga| Energy, utilities| Finance, business
Kaliningrad’s $26m utilities upgrade expected
14 Jul | Volga| Transport, logistics
RF’s $125m Kaliningrad air support posted
13 Jul | Volga| Finance, business| Transport, logistics
Soglasie’s $2.7m ship insurance unveiled
10 Jul | Volga| Industry, manufacturing
BMW to boost Kaliningrad-made SUV sales
7 Jul | Volga| Industry, manufacturing
Yantar’s $226m military research ships announced
29 Jun | Volga| Tourism, recreation
Rostov gambling in no hurry for closing
26 Jun | Volga| Energy, utilities
RAO UES sure of $7.7bn Baltiiskaya nuclear
24 Jun | Features & updates
IzhAvto tries to steer its way out of disaster
22 Jun | Volga| Industry, manufacturing
IzhAvto to restart in July?
22 Jun | Volga| Transport, logistics
Lithuania’s Russian transit incentives aired
18 Jun | Volga| Finance, business| Industry, manufacturing
Customs wants Avtotor’s $32m
11 Jun | Features & updates
Russia’s new gambling zones: a sucker’s bet?
11 Jun | Volga| Industry, manufacturing
Kaliningrad’s $6.5m eel factory unveiled
10 Jun | Volga| Energy, utilities
Gazprom’s $2bn+ electricity projects posted
25 May | Volga| Transport, logistics| Finance, business
KD Avia posts debt restructuring
22 May | Volga| Telecoms, media
North-West Telecom’s $8.3m for Kaliningrad aired
19 May | Volga| Finance, business
EBRD’s $15.6m heating upgrade loan aired
14 May | Volga| Industry, manufacturing
Neman Pulp and Paper goes belly up
12 May | Volga| Finance, business| Industry, manufacturing
VTB North-West’s $12m FOR loan announced
6 May | Volga| Energy, utilities
Yantarenergo’s 2009 investment hacked to $12.4m
29 Apr | Volga| Telecoms, media| Technology & innovation
MTS’ 3G launched in Kaliningrad and Omsk
21 Apr | Volga| Energy, utilities
EnBW airs $6.5bn Baltiyskaya nuclear intention
17 Apr | Volga
KD Avia: patched up, filled up and off the ground
16 Apr | Volga| Finance, business| Transport, logistics
VTB loans ailing KD Avia $7.5m
14 Apr | Volga| Transport, logistics| Finance, business
Government’s $118m KD Avia investment unveiled
3 Apr | Volga| Finance, business
Sberbank may loan Kaliningrad $5.9m
1 Apr | Volga| Energy, utilities
Kaliningrad TETs-2 shuts down for overhaul
1 Apr | Volga| Industry, manufacturing
National Fish Resources to invest $280m in refrigerator terminals
27 Mar | Volga| Industry, manufacturing
Hitachi eyes excavator business at zero sales tax
26 Mar | Volga| Finance, business| Technology & innovation
Kaliningrad SEZ residents cut investment by $35m
17 Mar | Volga| Energy, utilities| Finance, business
Kaliningrad Energy takes out $7m with Bank of Moscow
17 Mar | Volga| Real estate| Finance, business
VTB loans $61m for residential housing projects in Kaliningrad
12 Mar | Volga| Transport, logistics
KD Avia may or may not take off
11 Mar | Volga| Transport, logistics
Cash-strapped KD Avia suspends business
6 Mar | Volga| Finance, business| Energy, utilities
Kaliningrad oil firms imposed $4.4m anti-trust fines
5 Mar | Volga| Finance, business
Municipal Commercial goes out of banking
27 Feb | Volga| Finance, business
Setevoi Neftyanoi goes belly up?
25 Feb | Volga| Finance, business
VTB North-West loans Kaliningrad $13.9m
20 Feb | Volga| Retail, FMCG
Anti-trust charges brought against three Kaliningrad retailers
19 Feb | Volga| Finance, business
Kaliningrad’s Baltcredobank goes bust
18 Feb | Volga| Transport, logistics
High-speed “Sapsans” arrive in Russia
18 Feb | Volga| Finance, business
Unemployment soaring in Russia’s North-West
17 Feb | Volga| Transport, logistics| Industry, manufacturing
Yantar builds $194m ships for Russia’s Navy
5 Feb | Volga| Real estate
New exhibition center eyed in Kaliningrad
4 Feb | Volga| Industry, manufacturing
North-West Timber defaults on $270m, offers paper instead
27 Jan | Volga| Transport, logistics
$3.8m allocated to stop embankment floods in Kaliningrad
26 Jan | Volga| Transport, logistics
$3.1bn deep-sea Baltic port eyed in Kaliningrad Region
22 Jan | Volga| Retail, FMCG| Finance, business
Vester gets $47m credit and looks set to pick up expansion
21 Jan | Volga| Finance, business
Kaliningrad okays $3.1m housing loan reimbursement
29 Oct | Volga| Retail, FMCG
Kalingrad's Vester shelves $8.4m Nizhny store plans
3 Oct | Features & updates
Why Italy’s Domina Hotel Group is hot on Russia
22 Sep | Volga| Retail, FMCG
Klondyke expansion bandwagon arrives into Voronezh
19 Sep | Volga| Retail, FMCG
Klondike to build $17.7m DIY in Nizhny
16 Sep | Volga| Retail, FMCG
ADG's unveils plans for $90m Cheboksary mall
10 Sep | Volga| Tourism, recreation
Domina unveils plans for hotels in Russia
5 Sep | Volga| Retail, FMCG
Klondike's $1bn plan to be #1 in Russia DIY
13 Aug | Volga| Real estate
Auctioning half-built mall at $38.6m
15 Jul | Volga| Retail, FMCG
Baucenter spends $32m on second Omsk DIY store
23 Jun | Volga| Real estate| Retail, FMCG
Vester opens new $23m Voronezh mall
4 May | Volga| Retail, FMCG
Vester to build 8 malls by end of 2009
29 Apr | Volga| Transport, logistics
Novoshipinvest swaps minority interest with Chart Pilot
16 Apr | Volga| Retail, FMCG
Baucenter-Rus plan for $20m department store in NN
18 Mar | Volga
VRD to construct many new shopping centres in Southern Krasnodar.
12 Mar | Volga
Vester to invest $9.2m in new hypermarket in Kurgan
18 Feb | Volga| Transport, logistics
Sanna-Litier to build multi-modal Rostov-on Don logistics complex
30 Nov | Volga
Customs offices being checked in Sochi

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