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E-commerce grows in Volga area; Nizhny Novgorod shows 34% boost

17 Jun '14
The e-commerce sector has been on the rise in the Nizhny Novgorod region, in the mid-Volga area. It grew to almost $300m last year, a hefty 34% increase from 2012, Delovoi Kvartal reported, citing data provided by InSales.

In the broader Volga Federal District comprising 15 regions in the area, e-customers prefer shopping on Russian Internet websites, according to the report. The Russian online stores account for 94% of all e-purchases reported by Internet users polled by InSales. An estimated 31% of the polled visit Chinese e-commerce operators, and 18% prefer British ones. A reported 62% of the Internet users polled by InSales have never made any purchase on international online stores.

Clothes and footwear are the most popular items for e-purchases among Volga Internet users. An estimated 54% of the polled bought any of those at least once in the past 12 months, the report said. A reported 43% were after books, movies, music and software. Other items that the polled would look for online included cosmetics and perfumes (42% of the polled), small household appliances (41%), mobile handsets, smartphones and tablets (40%), electronics (38%), items for house repair and gardening (35%), as well as desktop and laptop computers and their components (30%).
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