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Siberian innovators make medicinal bread with Iceland moss

10 Jun '13
Irkutsk State Technical University (ISTU) announced last week that local innovators have launched pilot production of new medicinal bread with Iceland moss based on a recipe developed by ISTU researchers.

The producer of the new bread is Dobryi Khleb, an Irkutsk company set up by ISTU and Alexander Sobolev, a local entrepreneur.

The scientists researched into the curative powers of Iceland moss, a lichen that grows abundantly in the Irkutsk region by Lake Baikal. Adding Iceland moss powder to a bread formula makes it a dietary product, they say. The powder is pectin, a substance that helps sustain a person, especially in adverse environments. Polysaccharides and pectin, available only in plants, are known for their power of removing radionuclides, toxic elements, pesticides and antibiotics from the human body.

In addition to pectin, Iceland moss is also said to contain an array of other wholesome components that are immunomodulators, have favorable effect on ones gastrointestinal tract, and are believed to possess anti-tumor properties. With its special carbohydrate balance Iceland moss-based bread is recommended for residents of heavily polluted localities and for people working in detrimental and extreme conditions.

Iceland moss is also assumed to considerably extend breads storage life while keeping its taste properties intact.

The project owners hope the new bread will hit Irkutsk supermarkets later this summer.

Dobryi Khleb also expects to start making another kind of bread, containing pine nut cake. Pine nut cake is said to be able to absorb harmful substances and then remove those from the human body, and also to strengthen immunity and improve metabolism.
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