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Futuristic RFID tagged store opens in Moscow; no sales staff or cashiers required

19 Dec '12
A futuristic supermarket has opened in Moscow; Perekryostok-Store of the Future is fully RFID tagged and requires no sales staff or cashiers, the official Rusnano website reports.

At the moment, the new project is launched for test operation on the premises of Moscow’s X5 Retail Group office, and only X5 staff can shop there. Store of the Future’s range of items includes a reported 5,300 articles.

The project developers and investors are X5 Retail Group, Russia’s largest foodstuffs retail network; Rusnano, Russia’s nanotech giant; and RTI, a sizable Russian developer of projects in radio electronics, aerospace technology, navigation, and microelectronics.

It is believed to be “the unique site in international foodstuffs retail.”

RFID tags, or identifiers, enable automatic identification of goods, helping retailers in keeping track of merchandise from producer to warehouse and on to a store’s sales area. The tags also help monitor articles’ shelf life, take stock of all new items, and prevent counterfeit goods from infiltrating legitimate stores.

With RFID tags, data on goods to be purchased is taken directly from a buyer’s shopping basket using special RFID readers; the latter automatically makes an e-check. The system is said to be an effective shield against larceny.

To shop in such a store, a customer takes the goods he or she has chosen through an automatic ‘cashier,’ or a scanner. By putting stuff into a special scanning section, the buyer can see on a terminal display all the necessary data on the articles, and a total to be paid. All goods in a basket are scanned simultaneously, which speeds up the process significantly. Another terminal is put for the customer to pay, using cash, credit cards, and contactless techniques, including payment enabled by the NFC technology in a mobile phone.

The Store of the Future project idea was first floated in June 2011. Earlier this year Marchmont reported on the detailed concept of the project. The developers announced then that similar RFID-powered supermarkets would open also in Tatarstan, in the mid-Volga area, and in Siberia’s Tomsk region.
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