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Robotic coffee shops raise investment

3 Jul '19
The Moscow Seed Fund and Alexander Zhdanov, an angel investor, have supported Foodtronics, a local company that is developing its proprietary network of robotic coffee-making outlets called Fibbee, Firrma.ru reported.

The government-owned seed fund invested $125,000 and the angel investor anted up half of the amount. Foodtronics wants to use the money to boost functionality, improve the technology, develop and launch its own mobile app, and start new outlets.

The companys pioneering robotic café called Fibbee Robotic Coffee Bar is already in operation at the Skolkovo Technopark just outside Moscow. The self-contained coffee shop needs no human staff and can make and pour drinks automatically; to place an order and pay, a customer can use TouchPlat payment terminals that are located nearby.
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