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New Russian surveillance cameras enter U.S. and European markets

3 Dec '15
Ivideon, a Russian start-up, has partnered with Oco Group to launch sales of its new Oco video surveillance cameras in the U.S., the UK, and in some European Union markets, Firrma.ru reported.

To support its U.S. expansion the young Russian company is said to have opened an American office and hired small staff to coordinate marketing efforts and interact with retail networks. In Europe, the start-up has hired a special corporate agent to do the job.

The Oco video surveillance camera has the Ivideon cloud surveillance service built in, and is said to be able to respond to movements and unauthorized noise. Its functionality includes video recording at nighttime. With its intelligent system the camera can notify its user only of the most critical developments in his home or office, reportedly being able to tell one development from another by the intensity of noise or movements detected.

According to Ivideon data, the company sells at least $15m worth of such cameras in Russia each year.

In the United States, the Oco camera will reportedly be available for $149 apiece at electronics retailers such as Wallmart, Target or Frys Electronics across the country, as well as via e-commerce projects run by Amazon, BestBuy and Wallmart. In Europe, one could order a camera on the Ivideon corporate website or the Amazon website for 159 euros apiece.
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