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Diogen looking for $100m to build residential complex in Omsk

22 Sep '09
Omsk developer Diogen is looking for investor to build a residential complex in Omsk, the company reports.

Investment in the project has yet to be disclosed, but is estimated by experts at $100m.

The 11,000-square-meter residential complex is reportedly to be built between the streets Lyubinskaya Volgogradskaya Kottedzhnaya in Omsks left shore part next to Solnechny village.

Under the project, the complex is to have several brick and panel houses from two to sixteen floors high, with total residential area of 65,000 square meters for 2,600 residents.

The complex is also to have a school for 700 students, a kindergarten for 140 kids, small private clinic and other public social facilities.

Construction is scheduled to begin in 2012 and last five-to-ten years.
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Locations: Omsk; Omskaya oblast

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