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Yakutia students develop phone-controlled ‘smart’ house

20 Apr '15
Students at the Northeastern Federal University in Yakutia, in East Siberia, have developed a ‘smart house’ module to control energy consumption and household security from a mobile phone, the Russian news agency TASS reported, citing Ivan Nogovitsyn of the development team.

“We have come up with a module that is fully controlled through a mobile app. The functions it controls include an electric power meter, allowing the user to control power consumption on a real time basis from his smartphone; a speakerphone, enabling the home owner to know from anywhere in the world on a real time basis he has guests downstairs; as well as 14 power outlets and switches, also to be controlled from a phone,” Mr. Nogovitsyn explained.

The team estimates the module to cost about $940 (at a current exchange rate of 54 rubles per dollar). “A user buys a module for use in his home, and we provide ongoing technical support,” he added.

The project was backed by an $18,500 grant from the Northeastern Federal University and the Yakutia venture company.

“We will use the grant funding to set up shop for small-scale production in China, and then will work to extend capacity,” Mr. Nogovitsyn said.
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