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New cyber gloves expand VR applications

4 Jun '20
The forced transition to online of many types of activities, from simple communication and entertainment to training and work, caused another wave of interest in developments in the field of creating new convenient devices for virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR).

The developments in the field of printed electronics of the Printossens Saransk company were in demand among customers developing VR and AR systems. The wireless cyber gloves created by the startup will allow you to control various objects inside VR programs with the help of gestures: educational and entertainment content, games, engineering and other specialized programs. According to the development customer, the use of new cyber gloves will significantly expand the functionality of various VR applications.
“Unlike other solutions available on the market, we are the only ones who managed to abandon the rigid structural elements. The use of printing technology, gaining popularity in the world in electronics, has made it possible to abandon uncomfortable wires and increase the ergonomics of cyber gloves. The movements of the fingers are recorded by thin printed bend sensors located on each finger of the product. Next, the signals about the magnitude of the bend are transmitted to the smartphone with a pre-installed program that registers the angle of the bend and processes it. As the basis of bend sensors, we use a thin film on which conductive tracks are applied by printing. All electronic components are located inside the cyber-glove, while increasing its reliability, as well as comfort when using it, ”said Anton Kuzenkov, CEO of Printensens.
It should be noted that the company’s specialists completed the turnkey project development, from prototyping bend sensors and printed circuit boards to design development and sewing the gloves themselves.


Printosens Company
is a project company of the Center for Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials of the Republic of Mordovia (a network of nanotechnological centers of the FIOP of the RUSNANO group). It specializes in creating sensors and sensors using printed electronics methods for various applications in the field of wearable electronics and “smart clothes”. The company Printossens carries out custom development and prototyping of solutions and ready-made devices based on printed sensors (bending, pressure, temperature, humidity). The company’s portfolio already has about 10 concepts for embedded devices.
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