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New paint protects against viruses and bacteria

17 Nov '21
Antibacterial, it turns out, can be not only soap, but also paint. I applied it to the walls once and bacteria and viruses do not appear in the room for years. The fantastic idea became a reality during the pandemic. Several global companies have begun to develop a unique technology.

The first Russian paint with antibacterial and antiviral effect was produced in the Rostov region. And it was created by the specialists of the O3-Coatings company, a resident of the Skolkovo innovation center.
Mikhail Volfson, director of the Rostov branch of O3-Coatings: Viruses and bacteria die within two hours, hitting the surface of this paint, and these virulent properties persist for at least four years, that is while the paint is on the walls, you can be sure that there will be no viruses or bacteria on these walls.
The effect is achieved due to special particles ranging in size from 2.5 to 5 microns in the composition paints.
Mikhail Volfson, director of the Rostov branch of O3-Coatings: The paint contains microspheres with sprayed particles of monovalent copper ions, which are very effective against all bacteria and viruses.
The company specializes in the production of paints and varnishes, fire retardant and anticorrosive coatings, a year ago the production of antiseptics was established here.
Aleksey Solomatin, deputy director of the Rostov branch of O3-Coatings: Our company began to produce antiseptic agents due to the fact that the Rostov region was experiencing a large deficit due to the pandemic, so we had to re-equip our production facilities are primarily intended for our region.
Now the effective antiseptics of the O3-Coatings company based on isopropyl alcohol are used from the Far East to Kaliningrad. 400 tons of the substance are produced here per month, the brand is certified by the regional quality mark Made in Don. There are five light natural shades in the palette of antibacterial paints, for example, gray and blue. This is due to the copper ions in the composition. It turns out that over the years they can change their tone.
Mikhail Volfson, director of the Rostov branch of O3-Coatings: If the color is initially light beige, soft like sand, then then a slightly slight greenish tint appears, but for us it is not is a problem if the health of children or people in the room is at stake.
New antiviral paint is already awaited in hospitals, schools and kindergartens in the Rostov region and throughout the country.
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