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22 Mar '16
Biologists at the Moscow State University are ready...
21 Mar '16
The Internet Initiatives Development Fund (IIDF, or...
18 Mar '16
Korea’s Samsung has bought from an unspecified team...
16 Mar '16
A spin-off company of the Ural Federal University in...
15 Mar '16
Fungipak, a Russian biotech developer and resident of...
14 Mar '16
The Seed Fund for Living Systems, set up last year by...

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Meet Innovation Russia (MIR) offers the opportunity...
SVOD is a leading boutique technology investment...

Regional Innovation Partners news


6 May '16
Scientists in Saratov, in the Lower Volga area, have...
11 Apr '16
Innovative blades for gas-turbine engines to be used...
5 Apr '16
31 Mar '16
Scientists in Izhevsk, in Udmurtia in the Volga area,...


19 May '16
A Perm-based engineering company in the West Urals is...
17 May '16
Optogard Nanotech, a Urals-based developer, has come...
16 Mar '16
A spin-off company of the Ural Federal University in...
25 Feb '16
Physicists in the Urals have come up with a pilot...


18 May '16
Researchers at Tomsk Polytechnic, a leading...
12 May '16
Biochemists in Novosibirsk, in Siberia, are looking...
29 Apr '16
New Siberian biopolymers can interact with our...
27 Apr '16
Siberian scientists are developing special drug...

South West(2813)

18 Jun '15
A street lighting upgrade project has been launched...
19 May '15
Scientists at the Moscow State University have made a...
6 Oct '14
Russian nanotech solutions may be used at oil and gas...
4 Jun '14
Scientists in Krasnodar, In Russia’s South, have...

Central regions(3308)

31 May '16
Russian scientists are reported to have developed a...
30 May '16
A Russian biomed company is developing and planning...
27 May '16
Prime Minister Medvedev yesterday signed a decree...
26 May '16
Russia’s RVC Seed Fund partnered with a private...

Far East(1148)

3 Mar '16
Scientists at the Far Eastern Federal University are...
23 Oct '15
Gazprom, Russia’s gas giant, and Rusnano, the...
12 Aug '15
Scientists at the Far Eastern Federal University have...
4 Aug '15
A number of self-contained power supply systems will...

North West(1404)

13 Apr '16
Biocad, an innovative developer in St. Petersburg,...
16 Mar '16
Today, wireless power transfer (WPT) systems enable...
3 Feb '16
Scientists in St. Petersburg use ceramic dielectrics...
5 Nov '15

North Caucasus(118)

17 Aug '15
The Rusnano InfraFund, Rusnano’s investment arm for...
17 Dec '14
The State University of Dagestan in Russia’s Northern...
28 Oct '14
North Ossetia Alania, an ethnic region in the...


General & Information Partners

  • RVC
  • J`son & Partners Consulting
  • East-West Digital News
  • NNSU
  • Techno-park Association

Professional Associations

  • Russo-British Chamber of Commerce
  • The U.S.-Russia Chamber of Commerce of New England
  • deloros
  • RVCA
  • opora-credit
  • Association of innovative regions of Russia
  • iba-moscow
  • American Councils for International Education
  • NBICS Association
  • Ambar

Techno-parks, Incubators, Innovation Infrastructure

  • Sarov Technopark
  • Zelenograd
  • IT-park «Fabrika»
  • LIFT Incubator
  • Krasnoyarsk Regional Business Incubator
  • Samara Business Incubator
  • Penza regional association of business incubators
  • Business incubator Ingria
  • Innovative infrastructure UrFU
  • Business Incubator "Navigator opportunity"
  • Business incubator "Polytechnic"
  • Technopolis Himgrag
  • The Plekhanob Business inkubator
  • Technopark "Idea"_Kazan
  • Business Incubator Togliatti
  • Kuzbass_Techno-park
  • Nizhny Novgorod Scientific and Information Center
  • Zhigulevskaya Dolina techno-park
  • Strogino Techno-park
  • CLEVER Nizhny Novgorod Innovation Business Incubator
  • Samara Techno-park
  • Youth Innovation Center
  • HSE Business Incubator
  • Innovation Center HSE

Business Angel Associations, VC, Manufacturing

  • binarko
  • startobaza
  • AlkorBio Group
  • Medbiopharm
  • SOBA
  • Venture Investments Group
  • Start Invest
  • BAUR
  • Global TechInnovations

Government & Private Innovation Ecosystem Support Programs

  • Skolkovo School of Management
  • Moscow Innovation Development Center
  • LaunchGurus
  • Center for Entrepreneurship
  • Kemerovo Innovation Resource Center
  • Zvorykin_Project
  • Regional Innovation and Technology Transfer Centre
  • International Innovation Agency
  • GreenfieldProject
  • Global Markt Group
  • US-Russia Innovation Corridor
  • Center for technology commercialization
  • Foundation "New Eurasia"
  • Program "EURECA"
  • Technocup
  • Engineers Club
  • The AngelInvestor
  • GLC
  • FairR_The Fund of the regional innovation projects
  • Innovators portal of the Penza region
  • Togliatti Institute of of technical creativity and patenting
  • Innovations Development Outsourcing
  • Time of news
  • Investment Innovation business
  • Center for Integration of technologies
  • Elport business portal
  • Tech Tour
  • National_Business_Forms
  • Labor Market Experts
  • Venturevolga
  • Delovoy Contact Media Holding
  • Rye, Man and Gor Securities


  • Tomsk Polytechnic University
  • University ITMO Saint-Petersburg
  • Perm State National University  National Reserch
  • Astrakhan State Technical University
  • Institute of Innovation Management
  • Belgorod State University

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20 Apr '16
Today we’ll take a brief look at two interesting biomed projects. These are IT-enabled, and their...
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30 May '16
A Russian biomed company is developing and planning...
31 May '16
Russian scientists are reported to have developed a...
Kendrick White starts with this series of postings sharing his thoughts of where, in his opinion, Russia should go to reinvent itself.
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