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Despite sanctions, Japan ready to offer Tatarstan petrochemical technologies

1 Dec '14
Japanese oil and gas companies are willing to share their best petrochemical and oil-refining technologies with Russia’s Tatarstan, in the mid-Volga area, despite the current political crisis, regional news portal Tatar-Inform reported in the wake of the most recent seminar that Tatarstan held for representatives of the sector from both the region and Japan.

For example, JGC C&C could offer its newest catalytic nanotechnologies for the deeper refining of residues and the production of the Euro-5 standardized diesel fuel, a project that the partners agreed is “very vital” for Russia.

Mitsui Chemicals said it was ready to hold talks over its technology of olefin production.

Japan’s Cosmo Research Institute might help the Tatarstan partners in boosting the efficiency of the use of ethane and the recuperation of ethylene, the source reported.
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