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Russian developer bets on more environment-friendly gas production

19 May '16
EKAT, a Perm-based engineering company in the West Urals, is developing and commercializing solutions to reduce harmful emissions in the oil and gas sector.

A few months ago the RVC Infrafund, an investment arm of RVC, Russia’s fund of funds for innovation, and the Perm Regional Venture Fund invested in EKAT which is now funneling the new investment in supporting the commercialization of its proprietary solution for air cleaning and gas emissions neutralization. What they claim is an energy efficient modular system is believed to be able to handle all types of oil and gas contaminators, which is expected to considerably improve the environmental condition in the areas of oil and gas companies’ operation.

The developer hopes to help reduce nitrogen oxide concentrations in emissions from gas transportation systems as well by using special catalytic purification solutions and automatic gas analyzers. In addition, the new Perm product is said to be able to improve energy efficiency in areas of installation as it enables neighborhoods to reuse thermal energy.

Set up in 2004, EKAT specializes in gas cleaning solutions for the chemical and metalworking sectors, using its proprietary plasma and thermal catalysis that causes harmful impurities to decompose. Now the company is entering the broad market for oil and gas production and transportation. EKAT is present in international markets as well, including Germany, Estonia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, and Belarus. It also supplies the subsidiaries of SIBUR and LUKOIL, two sizable Russian petrochemical companies.