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New diamond search and identification technique under way in Siberia

30 Mar '17
Researchers at the Irkutsk Technical University (IrTU) in Siberia have developed methodology and know-how enabling search for and identification of diamonds without X-ray. The technology looks into their unique properties, IrTU announced.

The developers are seeking investors to apply their technology to making a special quadrocopter to search for diamonds by scanning the surface of a deposit field. According to Alexander Nemarov, the project manager and a senior research fellow at IrTU, the key advantages of a quadrocopter solution are that it can work for a long time, cover great distances, and the human factor is not involved; while the human eye can fail a person, computer vision wont fail a robot.

Traditionally, X-ray is used to look for sizable diamonds; stones that yield light in the process are separated and then sieved by hand. With the Irkutsk technology, no X-ray is used, thus increasing safety for workers.

Experts estimate that with a large-scale use of the technology, the cost of diamond production will drop by 30-to-50% from todays X-ray reliant methods.

On top of that, with the technology promising opportunities may open up for an upgrade in jewelry techniques and forensic science in the field of precious stones related crime. The Irkutsk approach is based on the scanning of all diamond characteristics, including chemical, physical, optical, geometrical, etc. Our innovative solution enables clear identification of diamonds in a mass of any counterfeits made of rhinestone or fianite. For example, if a diamond lies on a large ground with lots of counterfeits around, we can pinpoint the precious stone by video imaging, Mr. Nemarov said.
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