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Surgutneftegaz eyes $187bn oil refinery?

13 Feb '09
Surgutneftegaz’s Vladimir Bogdanov has promised Prime Minister Vladimir Putin to build Europe’s most advanced deep oil-processing facilities in Leningrad Region in a few years, RIA Novosti reports.

Mr. Bogdanov was quoted by media as claiming that on February 12 when the premier visited the construction site of the future Kirishsky oil refinery.

In Q4 2010 Surgutneftegaz plans to launch at Kirishsky a $2.5bn hydrocracker with the processing capacity of 4.9 million tons of black oil a year, he said.

Thus Mr. Bogdanov expects the company’s annual production of refined oils to grow by 3.5 million tons.

In 2017 Surgutneftegaz’s head envisions the launch of Euro-5 standardized gasoline production following the installation of a catalytic cracking unit worth a boldly estimated $185bn.

Its capacity is expected to be 5 million tons a year, Mr. Bogdanov told journalists.
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