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Eight gold fields in Chukotka auctioned for $2.45m

1 Oct '10
The federal subsurface management agency Rosnedra has announced an open auction to sell licenses on eight gold fields in the Chukotka Autonomous District, officials report.

The starting cost for all the eight fields, located within Bilibinsky and Anadyrsky districts, is reportedly set at $2.45m.

Specifically, the lots include the following fields – Chineyveyemsky for $260,000, Central-Burgakhchansky for $230,000, East-Burgakhchansky for $260,000, West-Burgakhchansky for $260,000, Mangazeysky for $460,000, Uteveyemsky for $490,000, Kayenmyvaamsky for $390,000 and Verkhne-Krichalsky for $100,000.
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