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Russian cleantech Euro-5 gasoline production technology unveiled

25 Sep '12
A Russian company, RRT, unveiled last week in Chinas Dongying its innovative PRIS technology enabling production of high-octane components of Euro-5 standard gasoline, the Skolkovo Foundation website reports.

RRT is a resident of the energy-efficient technology cluster at Skolkovo, Russias largest government-sponsor innovation hub under construction outside Moscow.

Part of the U.S.-based RRT Global and one of Russias most dynamic start-ups in the cleantech field, the young Russian company has been engaged in developing methods of producing Euro-5 and MSAT-2 standard gasoline components based on an approach that incorporates catalyst and rectification systems in one unit.

According to company estimates, the introduction of this technology will enable a fivefold drop in gasoline production costs and a 3.2-time capex reduction.

RRT reportedly inked an agreement for the introduction of the technology with a yet-unnamed sizable Indian oil refinery at the R&D phase of the project already.
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