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Universities come up with innovative solution for aircraft engines

11 Apr '16
Innovative blades for gas-turbine aircraft engines have been developed as part of a joint effort between MISiS, a top technology university in Moscow, and the Ufa State Aviation Technical University (USATU) in the region of Bashkortostan some 1,340km east of Moscow, portal Technowar.ru reported.

The new titanium aluminide based solution has been designed for use in passenger jet manufacture to improve the key characteristics of aircraft engines, make jets lighter, and reduce fuel consumption.

Prof. Vladimir Belov of MISiS, the research team leader, believes that the Russian product is no inferior to international analogs from Europe and the U.S. and will be produced in Russia from domestic materials.

Adopting the new technology is expected to help considerably reduce the weight of an engine, thus making it possible to transport more passengers and/or cargo in long-distance flights. In addition, the new approach to making blades is believed to substantially reduce centrifugal tension in compressors and turbines of engines and decrease inertia in turbines and compressors, thus helping cut fuel consumption and greenhouse emissions into the atmosphere.

New blade production is already being set up at Ufa Motors, a large Russian engine maker. The blades will be used in the new PD-14 engine for MC-21, a Russian long-distance passenger jet.
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