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Volgograd nanotech to help pharmas, food makers and then some

25 Feb '16
A new factory has opened in the Volgograd region in the Lower Volga area to make nanostructured magnesium oxide and hydroxide with a capacity of 55,000 tons a year. This $57m project has helped create 249 new local jobs, regional portal Vv-34.ru reported.

Magnesium hydroxide, developed with a new technology to make its surface nanomodified, is said to have already been “successfully tested” as a fire retardant additive to a number of polymer compositions.

The material could also be used in the pharmaceutical sector to manufacture magnesium-containing drugs. Other possible applications include food additives, catalyst production, cleaning agents for industrial purposes, cosmetics, and personal hygiene items.

Ultra-pure magnesium oxide, too, is a promising product to be widely used in electrical steel production, in rubber, plastic and glue production, as well as in medicine, perfume production, and the manufacture of chemical reagents.
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