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New energy-efficient glass production launched outside Moscow

18 Jun '14
SP Glass, a portfolio company of Rusnano, Russias nanotech giant, has launched the production of multi-purpose nanocoated glass, a project unique for Russia, the Rusnano website reported.

The new factory, which is now operational in the Ramensky district outside Moscow, is a joint effort involving Rusnano, NSG (an industrial group operating in Russia under the Pilkington brand name), STiS, a group of Russian companies, and the EBRD.

This $58m project is starting with a capacity of 4 million square meters of glass a year, with the possibility to more than double when the factory begins operating at full throttle.

The new glass is expected to have what Rusnano claims are unique energy-saving properties, a result of the development of a special multi-layer coating, each layer something between 5 and 500 nanometers thick. Using the nanocoated energy-saving glass in residential and industrial buildings is expected to ensure a 70% reduction of heat loss in the cold seasons, while keeping rooms from overheating in summers.
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Locations: Ramenskoye; Moscow

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