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Unilever launches $118.5m ice-cream complex in Tula region

11 Mar '10
Ice-cream maker Inmarko has put into commission a logistics complex the first launch phase of a complex to produce ice-cream in Tula region, regional officials report.

To date, the company has reportedly invested $27m in the project, total investment into the complex construction is expected to come in at $118.5m.

The logistics center, located in Tula regions Leninsky district, has refrigerating warehouse and transshipment zone.

The center, with 20,000 pallet places, can storage 5,000 tons of ready products, officials said.

The new center is reportedly to create 200 new jobs.

The ice-cream complex is scheduled to be put into commission by the end of 2014. Under plans, the 60,000-square-meter complex is to create 1,000 jobs.

Inmarko is a part of Unilever holding.
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Locations: Tulskaya oblast; Tula

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