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Government and pipe giant pool efforts in joint acceleration program

17 Jan '20
GenerationS, a Russian platform for corporate innovation, announced a new acceleration program and search for projects in the pipe segment to help Russias Chelpipe Group modernize.

Teams from across the world with projects at the start-up development stage and higher are eligible for participation.

The tech scouting is aimed at finding most promising solutions that could be implemented on the premises of Chelpipe Group in Chelyabinsk, in the Southern Urals, and elsewhere. Applications can be submitted here through March 31, 2020.

Start-ups that possess the following kinds of expertise may be selected for participation in the acceleration program:

new products, materials and industrial technologies for the pipe sector;

innovative pipe and coating products that could replace conventional steel ones;

computer vision systems for production monitoring;

technology solutions that come within the eco-friendly white metallurgy approach.

The winners will be announced in summer. The best teams will be contracted to introduce their pilot solutions to high technology Chelpipe sites.
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