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Celltrion to build two innovative plants in Rostov region

27 May '11
South-Korean company Celltrion intends to build two plants - to produce agricultural materials and light-diode energy saving lamps in Rostov region, Kommersant reports.

Investment into the plant to produce mulching film and drop irrigation line is reportedly to come in at $5m.

The plant is scheduled to be put into commission in the end of 2012.

Celltrions drop irrigation systems are used in greenhouses for all-year-round vegetable growing. The Korean company intends to use this equipment at its own greenhouses, currently under construction in the regions Azovsky district.

Investment and timeframes for the project to build the light-diode lamps plant have yet to be disclosed.

The company is currently selecting a land site for construction of the plants. The preferred choice would be Azovsky district, the firm said.
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Locations: Rostovskaya oblast

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