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New wax-based 3D printing technology developed in Siberia

11 Oct '17
Krasnoyarsk scientists at the Reshetnev Siberian State Aerospace University (SibSAU) have developed a new method of using wax in 3D printing. Products for metallurgy can now be made from ordinary candle grade paraffin.

Unlike classical technology that requires fairly costly materials such as silicone or ceramics, this technology enables the use of cheap expendables, for example, hard-melting wax used in foundries. We could even use ordinary paraffin to make candles with, the university explained.

The Krasnoyarsk project is expected to cut the cost of casting processes while improving its quality. The technology is said to enable the manufacture of a casting pattern with an accuracy of 0.05mm, taking just a few hours to complete the process, not months as taken in conventional techniques.

On a pattern made in a traditional 3D printing method, the borderline between layers is highly manifest. The new approach eliminates the stripy defect completely, leaving no ribbing on the surface and making it easy to shape the pattern on the inside as complexly as needed, Maxim Kubikov, the project leader, was quoted as saying.
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