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2009 Khabarovsk water budget down to $15.5m

11 Jun '09
A 2009 federal earmark for construction of the Tungussky off-take system to provide Khabarovsk with drinking water has been halved to $15.5m, Khabarovsk Governor Vyacheslav Shport announced today.

The Tungussky budget has been reportedly slashed because of an overall shortage of funds for investment projects.

The $226m Tungussky off-take project is designed to supply drinking water in an emergency irrespective of the River Amur condition, the governor said. About one-third of the total investment amount was reportedly spent by now.

According to Mr. Shport, the first stage of the project with the capacity of 100,000 cu. m of water a day is to be put into operation in late 2010. Upon commissioning of a second stage in 2013 the city of Khabarovsk reportedly expects to receive 200,000 cu. m of water a day, which is half of today’s daily consumption.
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