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Exhibition MEDICA 2019 (Moscow, November 18-21, 2019)

16 Oct '19
On November 18-21, in Germany, Dusseldorf will host one of the most ambitious world events in the field of healthcare - the international exhibition MEDICA 2019.

Alkor Bio Group of Companies, the largest manufacturer of test systems for laboratory diagnostics in North-West Russia, will take part in this event at the stand of the Government of St. Petersburg at the invitation of the Committee for Industrial Policy and Innovation of St. Petersburg (stand No. 10, hall 15).

Alkor Bio Group of Companies will present the entire range of its products at the MEDICA 2019 exhibition, and this is more than 100 test systems for enzyme-linked immunosorbent and molecular genetic analysis and about 1000 reagents. Test systems for hormonal, infectious diagnostics, tumor markers, test systems and allergens for allergy diagnostics, microchips for detecting a hereditary disease of cystic fibrosis, a DNA card for collecting and storing biomaterial samples - this is not a complete list of products produced by the holding. Their export is carried out to 15 countries, including - to Germany.

At present, Alkor Bio Group of Companies is the flagship of the Russian market in the production of reagent kits for hormonal, allergy diagnostics (test systems and allergens of 771 names) and determination of tumor markers in vitro. The company has 17 patents, 9 research laboratories, modern high-tech production. Over 27 years of work, unique experience has been accumulated in the development and production of reagent kits for enzyme immunoassay and molecular genetic analysis, including using microarray technology. The company's products are in demand by laboratory services in the CIS, EU, Southeast Asia, and South America. Together with its Western European partners, Alcor Biot Group is implementing a large-scale project to develop and manufacture a line of automated analyzers for medical laboratory diagnostics and reagents for them.
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