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Russia’s first “smart factory” to open later this year

14 Aug '17
Russia’s first “smart factory” is slated for launch by the end of this year in Rybinsk, in the Yaroslavl region north of Moscow. It will become a test range to fine-tune and commercialize domestic innovative solutions for industry which are expected to pave the way for developing a new model of industrial management in this country. The factory will be based at UEC – Gas Turbines, a large industrial company formerly known as Saturn and even earlier Rybinsk Engines.

As part of this test range project, IT solutions by Russian developers will be used to manufacture complex products, such as engine components. It is not another technopark where developers work separately from real industry, the project owners emphasized. It is going to be collaboration with UEC – Gas Turbines’ highly skilled staff, using well developed infrastructure.

All parts of the “smart factory” will be fully automated, turning the premises into a “Lego” kind of industrial site with all production lines easily upgradable and refocused. Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) solutions are at the heart of a self-contained system that will run all subsystems within the project. Management will be fully renovated, based on advanced product lifecycle management (PLM) approach that is expected to ensure integration with logistics and servicing centers, and provide feedback.

According to Dmitry Ivanov, UEC – Gas Turbines’ director for innovation, the test range project will cost a total of around $120m. It is expected that as many as 20 key technologies will have been polished and refined for industrial applications by the end of a starting three-year period. If fine-tuned properly, the technology solutions may be purchased by UEC – Gas Turbines.
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