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New international alliance keen to attract global Russian-speaking scientists to Russia

20 Aug '15
European Innovation Development Center (EIDC), a Russian biomed company developing biosensors for express immunodiagnostics, and the global Russian-speaking Academic Science Association (RASA) have pooled efforts in making Russia’s scientific environment attractive to Russian-speaking researchers around the world, the Skolkovo Foundation website reported.

An agreement was reached earlier this summer at the international MoST-2015 conference at the St. Petersburg Peter the Great Polytechnic University.

The partners are reported to have plans to develop in Russia a RASA Multidisciplinary Research Center which would bring together six top-notch international laboratories focused on biomed. For example, EIDC is said to have already begun collaboration with a Hannover Laser Center lab where Boris Chichkov, a RASA member, is the head of its nanotech department.

“Many of the RASA Center’s department managers are young bright scientists who have spent several years in postdoctoral on-the-job training positions in western research centers and are now prepared to take on research challenges on their own, and develop their own scientific schools. All laboratory heads are integrated deeply in the global research community and have the ability to help build fruitful collaboration with leading international universities. This is going to be a brand new stage in interaction between scientific diasporas and Russian science,” said Yulia Gulenkova, a manager in charge of biomed tech projects at the Skolkovo Foundation.
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