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Russian biotech company launches exports into U.S.

24 Jun '15
Semiotic, a Russian biotech developer, will have at least five years for the distribution of its proprietary solution in the U.S. via its partner GlycoTech Corporation, a sizable supplier of reagents for glycobiological research in the United States. The product the partners will be marketing under their recent agreement is a carbohydrate microchip, or glycochip, enabling medical researchers to determine the quantity of glycan-binding proteins in a biosample under study, reported the website of RVC, Russias national fund of funds for innovation.

The Russian innovative solution is unrivaled, the source claims. The glycochip is said to contain the worlds largest carbohydrate glycans library that has been accumulated for 30 years. Already this version of the chip reportedly enables researchers to place on it up to 600 carbohydrate glycans and use those as a source of data on a hundred of pathologies simultaneously.

The determination of glycan-specific antibodies in human blood is believed to be opening a wide window of opportunities in diagnostics of a broad range of infectious, autoimmune and oncology diseases.

The idea of the unique microchip began and was evolved into a clear concept at Moscows Shemyakin and Ovchinnikov Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry in close collaboration with colleagues from New York University.

It is expected that using data obtained by the microchip will improve the quality and speed up the work of blood transfusion stations, plasma processing factories, clinics, laboratories, medical diagnostics centers and other healthcare institutions that engage in the testing of blood for malignant tumors and pathogens.
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