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New laser tech focused engineering center to open in Vladimir

20 Oct '14
A new engineering center is expected to open probably by the end of this year in Vladimir, some 190km east of Moscow. Theres no specific date set, Rusnor.org reported, but it is known that the center must kick off in the nearest months.

The new engineering center, to open on the premises of Vladimir State University (VlSU), the largest university in the region, will reportedly focus on laser technologies in mechanical engineering.

Last year, VlSU joined ten more leading Russian universities which had been selected to push their pilot engineering center development projects.

At the moment, we have 15 contracts signed with industrial companies in the Vladimir region. For ten of these, the VlSU Engineering Center is already doing some work months ahead of its official opening, said Alexander Luchter, an advisor to the VlSU rector.

There are currently more than 200 industrial companies that may become customers for the VlSU Engineering Center, Rector Anzor Saralidze said.

At the inception stage of its development the new Center is government-subsidized, with about $1m already allocated for the project. By the end of next year, it is expected to reach its break-even and then become profitable, a stage where new focal areas will reportedly be added to its current field of expertise.
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