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RVC Infrafund invests in Alpina Publisher

5 Sep '14
The RVC Infrafund, an investment arm of Russias RVC, has acquired a minority stake in Alpina Publisher, a Russian publishing house, the RVC website announced. The investment is expected to support the development of new services, such as information management and delivery, and remote education.

Plans are to develop a special training module for corporate users, Alpina which would include online libraries and apps for reading e-books. In addition, the investee is expected to use the new funds to acquire rights for the publishing of new paper and electronic books.

Alpina Publisher is a major publishing house and leading supplier of business content in Russia. According to a recent Business Books ranking by OZON.ru, Russias largest online store, Alpina books account for more than half of this countrys Top 100 list of business books. Today, the house has prioritized the publishing of books on various aspects of setting up and developing business, with a special focus on science and innovation, for business managers and start-up leaders.
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