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SkolkovoRusInnovations: “Good for Russia and Great for Investors”

9 Oct '13
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Rye, Man and Gor Securities
Rye, Man and Gor Securities announced earlier this week in an exchange with Marchmont the creation of and its investment in SkolkovoRusInnovations (SKRI), a new business concept for the Russian marketplace and innovation economy development. SKRI has adopted a unique business model “Fit-for-Russia”, but one based on success stories from the London Stock Exchange.

SKRI will commercialize Russian innovative technologies with reduced risk for investors and bring together a management team able to boast decades of experience in business, finance and high-tech commercialization inside Russia and internationally. These elements will allow SKRI to successfully undertake IPO during H1, 2014 on the London and Moscow Stock Exchanges for some $250m USD.

The public listing will allow investors to participate in a massive portfolio of Russian innovative technologies hedged against industry sector, size of investment and commercial maturity, while simultaneously reversing the traditional difficulties of poor liquidity, lack of Exits and lengthy lag-phase prior to wealth creation.

Alexey Goryachev, President of Rye, Man & Gor Securities commented: “Faced with uncertainty in their existing business models, financial investors are under pressure to find new sources of revenue growth. Challenged by new realities, many of them are struggling to achieve a return on equity that satisfies shareholders. We believe that the very eloquent business model, as proposed by SKRI, has much to offer both Russian and foreign investors. The SKRI project will benefit from an absolutely unique approach to combining the natural movement of technology, capital and market forces. Investors will realize significant advantages when compared to traditional venture capital and the need to tie-up one’s cash for a minimum of eight years. The latter does not appeal to Russian investors, who demand greater liquidity, near-term return on investment and considerably lower risk”.

“In line with objectives of the Russian Government and Presidency, SKRI is setting-out to incite a broad-base of Russian investors to participate in the upside of investing in the commercialization of Russian innovative technologies. In many of the world’s leading economies, this activity has given rise to more than half of economic growth over the last half century, while Russia has yet to exploit well the commercialization of its absolutely fantastic Intellectual Capital. SKRI is hoping to play a leading role in this process. - Ian Humphery-Smith, CEO of SKRI stated. - Internationally, one notes that governments can facilitate the creation of innovation clusters, but these must be private sector driven. Importantly, SKRI is hoping work in partnership with many of Russia’s innovation initiatives”.

SkolkovoRusInnovations (SKRI) is a private Company focused on early-, mid- and late- stage investments in technology commercialization across all of Russia. SKRI aims to become the pre-eminent investor in Russian Innovative technologies.

Rye, Man & Gor Securities is one of Russia’s oldest and more respected independent investment houses featuring brokerage, analysis, capital raising for private and public companies, trust management services, and M&A capacity. RMG is able to boast continuous operations since 1994. The Company offers specialization in Russian medium- and small-cap firms; an individual approach linked to Moderate Conservatism in risk assessment; and is the only Russian representative of M&A WorldwideTM. The Trust and Credibility accumulated over the last two decades is part and parcel of its client recommendations.

For additional information, please contact: Olga Grigorieva, Rye, Man and Gor Securities, +7 (495) 258 62 62, Olga.grigorieva@rmg.ru , or Tatiana Mitina, SkolkovoRusInnovations, +7 (916) 383 27 59, info@skrirussia.com
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