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Novosibirsk puts together biotech cluster

3 Oct '13
Novosibirsk regional authorities have approved a roadmap for the development of a regional biotech cluster with the Koltsovo ‘science city’ nearby as its centerpiece, the ‘science city’ press service announced.

The region expects to invest as much as $3bn in this ambitious program between now and 2017.

To develop Koltsovo’s R&D potential a wide range of projects will be completed, the regional administration said. For example, the cluster will be pushing its $12m project aimed at developing test systems and drugs to fight malignant tumors in bones, breast and ovaries, as well as to counter the HIV and a number of infectious diseases, including flu, chicken pox, etc.

Another $5m will be spent on developing and commercializing drugs to deal with rheumatoid arthritis, the cluster initiators said.

By the end of this year, the Novosibirsk region wants to invest about $4m in the completion of Koltsovo’s multiple-access center to help residents do biotech research.
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